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Why would you want to join this club? It’s all about bragging rights – no other reason. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Bragging Rights as an entitlement to boast about something – and in this case, your 34” wheel. You get the free shirt and hat to wear, and when someone asks about getting a hold of one of the shirts, you get to tell them, “only if you own a 34” wheel.”

34 inch wheels
Meet the 34" Wheel Family from Metalsport

Can you imagine six to eight bikes rolling down the road all sporting a 34” wheel in front? Making a statement when you all arrive at a destination? Again, it’s all about bragging rights.

Oh, did I forget to mention the membership fee? There is no fee. It’s Free!

If you own a 34” wheel from Metalsport – you’re automatically eligible to join. You’re probably saying, “yeah, but what’s the hitch?”

All we request from you is the following:

That’s it. Questions? Call us at (562) 583-4530 or drop us an email.

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