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The journey of the big wheel on motorcycles began in 2005 when master bike builder Matt Hotch of Fullerton, California built a bike called “the Vinnie” for the Discovery Channel’s Biker Build-Off TV series and decided he wanted to create a custom chopper with a 20 inch wheel in the back and possibly a 26 inch wheel for the front.

The  Vinnie
The Vinnie by Matt Hotch

When we decided to introduce the larger wheels, the concern became which builders could set up the frame and neck correctly. “We needed to know the builders first so that the wheels were set up properly,” Ron says. “Many of the people who ride these bikes claim that they handle better than a stock bike, mostly that the large tire smoothens out the highway, not so much with U-turns though.”

Many critics said when the 26 and 30 inch wheels came out that they would be a short-lived fad. That was ten years ago. “The 34s, introduced over two years ago, are really moving because they have been established to be so rideable,” Ron tells us. “People ask when the next bigger wheel will come out. It will have to be someone else who makes an even bigger wheel and tire, the 34 is the last version of the big wheel from Metalsport. If you are thinking of building a bike with a 30, 32 or 34 wheel, make sure you research the people that are going to modify your frame, there are good people out there and some not so good. It will make all the difference in the performance of your bike.”